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Strategy Development

Some companies conceive a bold marketing strategy and implement it the same way - Russian roulette, if you like - a huge risk. Others adopt the government department approach - a cautious strategy followed by equally cautious implementation - or "more of the same".

At Evolve, we believe the best strategy is a bold one, backed up with a cautious approach to implementation, where each step is a small one, allowing you to progressively build on success.

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We often run strategic planning workshops for our clients. By the end of the planning process, you will know exactly where you are going and what you need to do to get there. It's all about generating short-term actions to achieve long-term goals. Evolve will not abandon you after the marketing strategy is developed. Rather, we will work with you right through its successful implementation.

Some examples of companies that have benefitted from our strategic skills...

Driveline CLIENT: Driveline Finance
A rapidly growing provider of car leasing finance. Their customer service is superb and their deals are unbelievable. If you are in the market to lease a vehicle, make sure you get a quote from Driveline.

Parallel DirectionsCLIENT: Parallel Directions
Peter Scott is a property leasing guru. His team specialises in sword fighting with landlords on behalf of corporate clients. When you are relocating, they'll find the best premises, deal with real estate agents, negotiate lease terms and manage the fit-out design & build. They'll negotiate your rent reviews, lease renewals and make-goods too. Parallel Directions recently saved one client $70,000 on their end of lease make-good obligations!

ApartmentoCLIENT: Apartmento Contemporary Furniture
Apartmento is a vertically-integrated contemporary furniture company. They design, manufacture and retail beautifully crafted furniture in a simple, contemporary aesthetic. If you love clean, simple lines and want "better than Italian" furniture at local prices, you can't go past Apartmento.

AllpressCLIENT: Allpress Espresso
Allpress is the pre-eminent supplier of roasted coffee to cafés. Their service is superb and their coffee devine. Bambina, Benediction, Dizengoff, D-72, Frasers, Fusion, Gloria, Occam, SPQR and many other leading cafés insist on serving Allpress espresso.


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