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Need practical marketing for your start-up or small business?

If you're looking for professional marketing support from an agency that understands the needs of small businesses, you've come to the right place.

Conformity within a large bureaucracy was the meal ticket for most people last century, but striking out on one's own is the most dynamic means of developing a "career" today. Knowing how to grow that business is critical, and that's what Evolve specialises in.

Start small, THINK BIG!Start small, think big!

You might be kicking off a new business or maybe it's time to rev up your existing business and realise its true potential.

To get the best results it's important to work with a marketing company that you can respect, trust and feel comfortable with - one that won't talk down to you or treat you like a number.

Strategic approach

We always take a strategic approach to ensure you don't waste your money on frivolous stuff that doesn't work. To make the most of your budget, we'll help you determine what to do (immediate priorities then next steps) and what NOT to do.


We're a small, intimate agency which means you get to deal directly with the key people. We enjoy great relationships with our clients - our first clients are still with us 11 years down the track.

Senior skills

The key people you'll work with have backgrounds working for well-respected corporates and leading advertising agencies, which means you get senior expertise at affordable rates.

Helicopter perspective

We provide an objective helicopter perspective on your business - something that's difficult to achieve on your own, especially when you're sucked down into the day-to-day pressures of your business.

How to get noticed

We know how to get you noticed by making sure you have a well-thought-through branding strategy that's executed in a consistently professional manner.

For our clients we have...

  • Turned weak, strategically flawed business names into stand-out names with real cut-through.
  • Turned predictable "me too" positioning into a clear and strong point of difference.
  • Transformed dated, irrelevant logos into powerful mnemonic devices that catch the eye in a crowded marketplace.
  • Created websites that are an effective externalisation of the business, as well as being consumer-centric so they're easy to use and compelling for prospects.
  • Doubled some clients' turnover, and increased sales in targeted areas of others by up to 400%.
  • Plus plenty more!


Rather than tell you what to do and leave you on your own to deal with a scattered assortment of suppliers, we follow through with implementation. That way your marketing is consistently delivered across all mediums. Every move your brand makes is then in tune with your overriding strategy and brand values.

If you would like to work with an agency that loves to help small businesses succeed, give us a call on (09) 3600-120 to discuss things further. Or contact us by email.


How much does it cost?
Wherever possible we quantify the cost of each project and get sign-off from you before commencing, which avoids nasty surprises. We find that over time, clients feel very comfortable with the way we work.

What marketing services will I need?
The type of support and advice we offer to each client varies and depends a bit on what you already have in place and how well it's working for you. We also consider your budget and which marketing services will get you the most effective results.

We often start by creating a strategic plan which gives you a "road map" to follow. Then we prioritise based on your immediate needs and determine the initiatives that will have the biggest impact. The rest of the plan is followed through as budget permits.

Some of the things we might work with you on are...

  • Strategic planning to create a master plan plus immediate, actionable priorities.
  • Research - consumer or client qualitative research to gain insights into the issues and opportunities.
  • Branding (name development, positioning tagline, logo development and stationery design).
  • Brand refresh for existing companies who have outgrown their current look and feel.
  • Website design, developing a body of persuasive content, & search engine optimisation.
  • Online marketing strategies (email marketing, blog, Google advertising, social media, etc).
  • Offline marketing strategies (advertising, direct mail, signage, etc).

We'll start with your immediate priorities and enjoy working with you on further strategies as you gather momentum!

Eager to Evolve?

If you'd like to get your start-up or small business moving and want to work with marketing people who...

  • Understand the needs of small businesses,
  • Offer strategic marketing and design expertise,
  • Are results driven,
  • Are practical and smart with budgets, and
  • Are user-friendly, down-to-earth and like a laugh or two...

Give us a call on (09) 3600-120 to discuss things further. Or contact us by email.


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Need practical marketing for your start-up or small business?

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