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A great marketing strategy will go nowhere unless it is backed up with promotional materials that are well placed, relevant and arresting. Evolve will advise on what marketing collateral is necessary for your marketing campaign. We then design & print such things as posters, brochures, point-of-sale promo items, banners, catalogues and clothing items. And of course we'll make sure they're eye-catching enough to capture your prospects' attention.

Examples of recent projects...

CLIENT: Techtorium
To help Techtorium promote their new Diploma in PC Engineering, we developed a 10-page Z-fold brochure, large banner posters and PowerPoint presentation for a trade show exhibit, branded polo shirts and caps, and leaflets for their part-time night classes.

CLIENT: Brands@Bloomsbury
Bloomsbury has distributed premium homeware brands to retailers since 1947. To liquidate stock they decided to sell direct to the public for the first time in 56 years. We designed and produced exterior signage and internal showroom point-of-sale posters, banners and price cards to support their new retail direction.

CLIENT: Apartmento Contemporary Furniture
To showcase Apartmento's beautiful furniture, we developed an exclusive 52-page catalogue, point-of-sale items featuring the Apartmento Quality Story, and others providing detailed specs for each item in the range. The strategy is to provide complete information so that showroom staff can focus on selling, not answering routine questions.

We also developed a PowerPoint presentation showcasing their extensive furniture range and projected it 4m x 5m against a huge white wall during their wildly popular party to celebrate the opening of their new showroom.


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