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Need fresh thinking for your mid-market ($2M-$50M turnover) business?

Want to take your mid-market business to the next level? Work with marketing people who...

  • Understand the needs of mid-market businesses,
  • Offer strategic marketing and design expertise,
  • Are results driven,
  • Are practical and smart with budgets, and
  • Are user-friendly, down-to-earth and enjoy a sense of humour...

For an insight into how we work, here's what two of our mid-market clients say...

Mary Whaley
Mary Whaley, founder, Metalier and Halo International

We've used Evolve for general marketing advice for over 10 years. It's always been very good and challenging and raises things outside the square.

I'm quite hands on myself with marketing. It's my passion, my interest to figure out how to tell people about our products and services. So I don't just want a marketing company to tell me what to do. I have ideas and use Evolve as a sounding board and they always put me right.

I'll say, "I'm thinking about doing this. What do you think?" and almost every time they'll have an add-on. It'll never be, "Yes, that's a great idea, do it." It'll be, "Yes, that's a great idea but I think you should do this, this and this" or "No, that won't fly because of da, da, da" and, "Yes, that's all right but you could do this better" and so on.

One of the qualities I like about Evolve is that we have a ball. A lot of the work involves laughing! And they do what they say they'll do - very conscientious, very ethical, reasonably priced and fair. I like the way they're hands on and the relationship aspect is important.

Evolve has a good track record and gets good results. I'm looking forward to ongoing work and getting into new things. They're part of the team. Others come and go but Evolve stays and that's a testament to the contribution they make.

- Mary Whaley, Metalier International Ltd and Halo International Ltd

Darryl & Bridget Soljan
Darryl & Bridget Soljan, founders, Ascension Wine Estate

"For the first 7 years, I used my previous marketing experience and intuition to launch Ascension on its rapid upward path. Latterly I have partnered with boutique Auckland agency Evolve Marketing to rebrand (from Ascension Vineyard to Ascension Wine Estate to reflect the multi-layered nature of the business), create an entirely new website, design a range of new marketing collateral, and undertake research which will result in the conversion of a higher percentage of business leads into actual sales.

The selection and engagement of Evolve has been a successful and significant evolution for Ascension, as I realised I had achieved as much as I could with the knowledge I had.

Evolve were chosen for their lateral-thinking approach, the high quality of their work, their desire to "understand" before designing anything and because they share similar values to Bridget and me."

- Darryl Soljan, Ascension Wine Estate Ltd, Matakana (since sold to new owners)

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Need fresh thinking for your mid-market ($2M-$50M turnover) business?

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