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We specialise in helping businesses with big futures.
Evolve your business and grow!

Evolve® Marketing Ltd is an Auckland marketing agency. We work with two types of businesses...

  • Mid-market $2M-$50M businesses that want to grow, need fresh marketing expertise to guide that growth, don't want the complication and expense of their own in-house marketing department, and don't want to go down the big advertising agency route.
  • Start-ups and smaller businesses that need branding and strategies to best position them for growth.

We also specialise in building websites and internet marketing strategies that work, look good AND get solid business results - rather than just "pretty" websites where visual aesthetics override all other considerations.

What we do...

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we don't just consult. We do the meaty up-front thinking and we also follow through with the execution, maintaining the strategy throughout.

Instead of just focusing on one narrow area of marketing, (e.g. graphic design) and selling it to every man and his dog, we provide a broad range of marketing services to a select group of clients. As a result we're quite choosy about who we work with. But if we do work with you, you'll enjoy the benefit of your very own "outsourced marketing department".

Strategic foundation...

One of our guiding principles is to get the strategy right first so that your advertising & marketing works for you, not against you. After conducting a strategy reality check, we often advise clients to do something quite different to what they initially thought they needed. Once the overall strategy is clear, we develop creative and promotional programs that are aligned with that strategy.

Simplicity of thought...

It's much, much easier to complicate than simplify. But simple messages enter the brain quicker and stay longer. That's why we invest the extra brainpower up front to boil things down to the key issues and the key message to be communicated.

Creative hard-sell...

Everything we do is unashamedly about selling something. We're strategically driven, not creatively driven.

What that means is that there's no point in being visually clever or outrageously different if it detracts from the key message and doesn't lead to the business outcome you want. Results are far more important than being 'precious' about the visual design.

Getting the strategy right first and then informing the design process with the benefits of that strategic thinking is one of the key things that sets us apart from people who just do graphic design or web design.

Wise choices...

There's always plenty you *could* do, but it's a matter of getting clear on the few things you *should* do. We'll help you avoid poor advertising choices so your budget is more effectively put to use.

Customised, not cookie cutter...

We'll give you marketing solutions and easily-understood marketing plans that are strategically relevant and customised specifically for your business. Each business is unique, so you won't get "one-size-fits-all" marketing from us.

Unearthing the gold nuggets...

In a competitive marketplace, your brand must project strong individuality and STAND OUT, not blend in. It's the *differences* that give people a reason to choose you. There are "gold nuggets" in every business. Our job is to find them, unearth them, polish them up, and promote them for all to see.


(insight + strategy) x action = growth. So, after the planning is done we don't leave you on your own; we follow through with the all-important implementation, including...

What we're like...

PRACTICAL: We conceive and implement practical and affordable marketing strategies that help your business grow. We don't believe in getting bogged down in waffly, esoteric bullshit - we'd rather impress you with results, not jargon. Everything we do is geared toward better outcomes for your business.

ETHICAL: We'll recommend what we believe is best for your business, even if it means less profit for us. We're in it for the long haul, not the quick buck. That's one of the reasons clients stay with us for as long as they do. (We still work with our very first client over 10 years later!)

EXCITABLE: We take huge delight in seeing our clients succeed. That's what cranks our handle. As well as loving what we do, seeing our clients succeed is our purpose for being in this business.

Eager to Evolve?

Great, because we're keen to find out about you and your marketing challenges. Get in touch with us on (09) 3600-120 or email If it sounds like we could be the right match for each other, we'll get together and explore that possibility further. Do it now...

By the way, that's a "call-to-action" in marketing lingo - so go on, pick up the phone or crank out an email right now.


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