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It is an inevitable truth that known brands will be chosen ahead of those that are unknown. It is also a fact that every action your company makes in the public domain either adds to or detracts from your brand.

A brand is the personification of the company and your company's marketing should match its brand identity. Once a brand identity is established and the strategy is known, the logo or visual identity can be developed.

Evolve looks at what needs to be communicated rather than what's liked - and sometimes there's a big difference. Branding is about defining how we want people to perceive your product or company, then infusing it with personality and meaning to help it achieve prominence in the marketplace.

"There is great advantage in a name that tells a story.
Often the right name is an advertisement in itself."
- Claude Hopkins (1866-1932), U.S. advertising pioneer

Examples of recent projects...

Dirty Business Launderers - name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Dirty Business Launderers
Dirty Business Launderers is a commercial laundry business run by a very smart MBA executive. He spotted a niche and now has a thriving business. We created the brand name Dirty Business and tagline "We Love To Launder", and developed a uniquely distinctive logo that infuses common laundry symbols with a fun personality. Click logo to enlarge >

Accelerated Planning Technique - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Accelerated Planning Technique
Inspired by a powerful planning process used by NASA to put man on the moon, and simplified by Andrew Smith into the 'user-friendly' Accelerated Planning Technique over the last 20 years. Hence our new tagline: "Inspired by NASA... The world's simplest planning method." Click logo to enlarge >

Alertus - positioning strategy, name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Alertus
Keyholder Directories came to us needing a full makeover for their new direction. We developed the brand name Alertis, later modified to Alertus, the functional descriptor "Emergency Contact System" and tagline "When no-one knows how to find you, we do!" all of which helps to instantly position the brand in consumers' minds. Click logo to enlarge >

Apartmento - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Apartmento Contemporary Furniture
Apartmento's new logo reflects the clean design of their contemporary furniture. We added the tagline, "furniture > APARTMENTO < a simple contemporary aesthetic" to instantly position them in consumers' minds. Click logo to enlarge >

Blackhawk - positioning strategy, name development, logo designCLIENT: Blackhawk
Blackhawk specialises in GPS-based vehicle tracking and security. They wanted to upgrade their original logo to a professional design but retain their corporate blue colour. Rather than featuring a complete hawk like before, we focused on the most distinctive element for the brand symbol, and developed a tagline that communicated their big promise. Click logo to enlarge >

Comply Guy - name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Comply Guy
This start-up business needed a name, logo and tagline. They test and tag electrical appliances in the workplace to ensure compliance with electrical standards. We created a strong persona with the name Comply Guy and a logo featuring a super-hero compliance guy and the tagline "Keeping you compliant"Click logo to enlarge >

Crackerjack Kids - positioning strategy, name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Crackerjack Kids
This is one of our favourite logos of all time. We changed the name from Words On Ltd to Crackerjack Kids and, reflecting their focus on toddler brain development, conceived the tagline "Bright ideas to ignite young minds!" This theme is carried through to the light bulb in the logo, and there are playful eyes built into the logo too. Click logo to enlarge >

Ergowise - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Ergowise
Ergowise provides injury rehabilitation services for clients of ACC, and injury prevention services for companies. It's all about people and their physical bodies so we replaced the 'i' in their name with an upright human figure. And the tagline instantly positions what they specialise in. Click logo to enlarge >

Evolve - positioning strategy, name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Evolve
We're so proud of our logo we couldn't help featuring it here. We'll do whatever it takes under the marketing umbrella to help our clients grow their businesses, to transform their results and evolve their marketing. Hence the name Evolve and logo with growth arrow, and the succinct tagline that says it all. Click logo to enlarge >

Hone Heke Lodge - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Hone Heke Lodge
Kerikeri Backpackers' new owners wanted a marketing programme. Located in Hone Heke Rd, we took the opportunity to rebrand them as Hone Heke Lodge, designed a logo featuring a caricature of the legendary Maori chief Hone Heke running away from a chopped down flagpole, gave them the tagline, "Legendary Accommodation", and wrote a short story celebrating the legend of the great chief Hone Heke, which appears throughout their marketing collateral. Click logo to enlarge >

Interno - positioning strategy, name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Interno
Interior Developments Ltd, a cabinet making company, wanted to penetrate the high-end residential market. The first thing we did was change their name to Interno and design a new logo that looked like it was straight out of Italy. Interno has gone on to work on some of the most prestigious projects in Auckland and beyond. Click logo to enlarge >

Mount Michael Wines - positioning strategy and logo designCLIENT: Mount Michael Wines
Mount Michael Wines previously had no logo. We developed the MM mnemonic device, cleverly symbolising both Mount Michael and the Pisa mountain range below which they lie, and integrated it into a sophisticated logo that reflects the quality of their Pinot Noir. Click logo to enlarge >

Oktillion - positioning strategy, name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Oktillion
Peter Wilson needed a name, tagline and logo for his start-up chartered accountancy business and the brief was strongly differentiate him from the usual conservative accountant approach. Octillion is a cardinal number equal to 10 to the power of 27. That's a lot of numbers to crunch, but Peter's your man! Click logo to enlarge >

Saturn Portfolio - tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Saturn Portfolio
Saturn Portfolio was previously Broadview Financial Management. We designed a new logo and tagline to go with their new name. Click logo to enlarge >

Stand Up & Shout - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Stand Up & Shout
Alastair Ferguson is a motivational speaker and author. We created a logo that captured the feeling people get when they are exposed to his huge energy, and expanded it with the tagline, "Inspiration to pursue your dreams with passion and vigour." Click logo to enlarge >

Swerve - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Swerve
Swerve is an IT support company with an interesting name. The old logo was a basic affair that looked a bit like a rocket with a reversed R. It had seen the company through the early years but it was now time for a professional logo. We first analysed the business and identified the 3 main components of their business, which we highlighted in the tagline. Our logo design featured clean, modern typography swerving around all obstacles. Click logo to enlarge >

Techtorium Computer Training - positioning strategy, name and tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Techtorium
Previously named New Zealand Institute of Information Technology (NZIIT), they were up against NZITI, ITTI, ICA, ICL, AUT and all the other 'initialitis' institutes. We rebranded them as Techtorium (technical+auditorium) and crafted the tagline "Give your IT career a kick start". Much more memorable! Click logo to enlarge >

Tigernet - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: Tigernet
Tiger Networks is an IT support company renowned for its fast service, hence our tagline "rapid IT support" and the logo which featured a leaping tiger with a trail of pixels in its wake. Click logo to enlarge >

TradeTech - positioning strategy, tagline development, logo designCLIENT: TradeTech
TradeTech New Zealand's old logo had got them to where they were but it wasn't going to help them progress. The LED font and diode were yesterday's technology, and TradeTech was anything but. The logo we designed for them featured a printed circuit board map of New Zealand and a new tagline that instantly positions what they do. Click logo to enlarge >

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