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eMAP (evolve Marketing Action Plan)

Our eMAP process is a half-day marketing planning session facilitated by Evolve.

Over the course of an eMAP session you will develop a complete Marketing Action Plan for your business. By the end of the planning process, you will know exactly where you are going and what you need to do to get there.

We use a 'completely exhaustive, progressively implemented' approach to...

  • Identify every marketing action required to grow your business, and
  • Prioritise the projects and flesh out the strategies required to implement the highest priority projects straight away.

Lower priority projects are tackled once you have successfully implemented the top-priority projects.

The Successful Marketing Approach

This practical approach means you don't throw lots of time and money at a grand plan that may or may not work.

That's what we call a "bold strategy / bold implementation" approach, otherwise known as Russian roulette.

Instead, we recommend a bold strategy followed up with a cautious approach to implementation, where each step is a small one, allowing you to progressively build on success.

"What I liked about the planning session was the way the huge task is broken down into bite-size bits but the sum of the parts is huge. I like that you 'get' what we need to achieve and quickly steer us in the right direction."
- Matt

Not only is your eMAP a very practical plan, it is highly visual too. The whole plan is summarised on one 'visual' page, giving you an instant overview and constant reminder of what needs doing.

Subsequent pages are devoted to the strategies required for you to implement each component of the plan.

"It put what we considered a complex set of objectives into a very understandable and digestible, visual format. We liked the MECE (mutually exclusive, completely exhaustive) approach, and good templates that we can utilise in other parts of what we do. It was a great opportunity to sit back and look at the overall picture (something we rarely give ourselves the opportunity to do). Extremely helpful to have some real examples from you, based on insights won from experience. Overall a great day, well worth our time and money. Thanks!"
- Jon

After your planning session we will pull everything together, further develop the plan as required, and email your completed eMAP to you.

"I liked that it was an away-from-distractions out'n'out planning session. This is not something we have spent enough time on in the past. Clear, concise system to follow. You managed the session well by illustrating topics with examples and by switching to a fresh topic when we were struggling, then returning to the original later. The process worked well for me with 'what are we planning to achieve' followed by 'what actions will we take to get there'. I really enjoyed the day."
- Helen

Your total investment for an eMAP Marketing Action Plan is $1,750.

We will most likely give you some homework prior to the eMAP session, which will form input on the day.

Be prepared for hard but fulfilling work!

"It was a fantastic session, well structured and had a good balance of formal and informal elements. We found the visual presentation of the plan helpful and the critical thinking and advice behind it informative and eye opening."
- Phil

What we won't do is leave you in the lurch after the planning is done. We get more of a buzz out of seeing you get results, which is why we follow through with the all-important implementation, helping you in whichever areas you need our input.

To book an eMAP session, give us a call on (09) 3600-120 or contact us by email.

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