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Direct Marketing

Correctly done, direct marketing turns an existing database into a marketing goldmine. Alternatively, if your organisation has no database, a direct marketing campaign can generate leads to form one.

And why is having a database important? Because database marketing targets each individual directly and personally with a correspondingly higher success rate than the hit-and-miss nature of advertising. After all, success in any business is all about building relationships.

Example - an insert in Urbis magazine offering a free furniture catalogue generated a 15 per cent response rate (0.5% to 3% is normally expected; 5% is really good; anything above that is dancing-in-the-aisles good!) giving the company access to a large number of qualified leads.

The determinants of direct mail success are the quality of the list and the quality of the offer.

Example - a promotional offer mailed to 76,000 "chocolate lovers" generated a response rate of over 60% for Cadbury (that zero didn't slip in by mistake, it was 60%!), stimulating multiple purchases and extending the seasonal sales peak. For a market as big as the block chocolate market, this was a BIG deal.

Evolve will create a specific direct marketing campaign to promote a specific product. We will design the campaign, write and design the copy, and implement the plan for you.

Examples of recent projects...

Direct marketing campaign for Apartmento contemporary furniture by EVOLVECLIENT: Apartmento Contemporary Furniture
Evolve direct marketing agency designed a reply-paid postcard insert to go in Urbis design magazine. Respondents received a free copy of Apartmento's catalogue. Doesn't sound like a strong offer, does it? But the list was perfect - we achieved a 15% response rate and added a huge number of quality new names to the database.

Direct marketing campaign for Meo Realty by EVOLVECLIENT: Meo Realty
Real estate agents are better marketers of property than self-marketers. How many cheap photocopied flyers insult your letterbox each day? Evolve designed a postcard campaign for Meo Realty, each one featuring an historical photo of the area and a free information offer. The postcards became collectors items, with people displaying them on fridges and noticeboards, and generated a significant amount of goodwill and sales leads.

Direct marketing campaign for Solutions Financial Services by EVOLVECLIENT: Solutions Financial Services broker
Lead generation campaign. Our client wanted to promote its critical illness insurance cover. Men in particular are renowned for their "It'll never happen to me" attitude, so we crafted a letter to each man's better half. The 5-page sales letter (direct marketing experts know that long copy sells) was designed to generate appointments from which our client could sell critical illness cover and other downstream products.


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