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It is a common misconception that marketing is merely another word for advertising. Not so! Advertising is merely one element of the marketing mix and to be effective must be a strategically relevant and integrated part of that mix.

Your advertising must also reinforce your brand and be noticed, but the art is in getting noticed naturally, with no screaming or tricks.

John Wanamaker, American pioneer of department stores, once said that half the money spent on advertising is wasted, but he could never figure out which half. And, while nothing's foolproof, Evolve has a pretty shrewd idea which 50% goes down the toilet and will design an advertising campaign that promotes your organisation effectively.

Evolve offers a complete advertising development service: it will write your advertising copy, design high impact ads and introduce you to the relevant media or media buying agency.

"Good times, bad times, there will always be advertising. In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times they have to."
- Bruce Barton (1886-1967), co-founder BBDO advertising agency.

"Many small things have been made large by the right kind of advertising."
- Mark Twain

"Early to bed, early to rise. Work like hell and advertise."
- Ted Turner

Examples of recent projects...

CLIENT: Ergowise
Here's what Ergowise had to say about the recruitment advertising campaign we devised for them... "With the new recruitment advertising campaign you designed for us, we've had more job applications than all the ones we've ever had in the past put together!" - Tanya Povey, Ergowise Ltd.

CLIENT: Spa International
Spa International was advertising its Plug 'n Spa in newspapers nationally, but the campaign was bland and disappeared into the visual wallpaper, averaging only 47 enquiries per month. We designed a series of advertorials that generated 400 enquires per month and doubled Spa International's sales.

CLIENT: Vizion Finance
Vizion Finance Brokers had a great story to tell, so we told it using a full-page advertorial. The results were stunning... "Just to let you know, we have had a great response to the Vizion ad that was placed in Autotrader. The phone is ringing off the hook." - Jared Farr, marketing executive.

CLIENT: Hammer Auctions
Hammer Auctions was a specialist motor vehicle auction house. The new owner commissioned us to develop a print and radio advertising campaign. Our half-page ad in Trade & Exchange was particularly successful, generating a 50% increase in the average number of people attending the auction and a 100% increase in the average number of cars sold at auction within two days of first appearing.

CLIENT: Techtorium
Techtorium launched the Diploma in PC Engineering with an advertising campaign in NetGuide magazine, PC World magazine and the New Zealand Herald. If you want a 3-year head start in your I.T. career, Techtorium is the place to go.

CLIENT: Brands@Bloomsbury
Bloomsbury held the New Zealand distribution rights for premium homeware brands such as ASA, Spode, Dartington and Royal Scott. They needed to liquidate stock by selling direct to the public for the first time in 56 years. Our advertising campaign generated 'standing room only' crowds and record turnover for their opening.


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