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Evolve Marketing is a marketing agency small enough to personally respond to individual client needs, talented enough to come up with innovative marketing strategies and dedicated enough to see them successfully implemented.

Amdanda Quennell and Brandon Wilcox Evolve Marketing was founded by Brandon Wilcox, who is skilled in devising marketing strategies for growing businesses, and Amanda Quennell, a talented designer with a strong bent towards creative advertising.

Both bring radically different perspectives to the company through their backgrounds and work experience, which at times makes for interesting interaction! In a nutshell, getting the strategy right is Brandon's role, ensuring the creative and tactics are the best they can be is Amanda's.

Evolution is any process of growth, change or development. The word stems from the Latin evolutio meaning "unfolding". The name, Evolve Marketing, implies transformative growth strategies - growth that transforms a company. This is what makes Evolve Marketing stand out and drives its success.

Brandon Wilcox

Brandon is a whiz at increasing sales for companies large and small. Consider these achievements:

  • 458% increase in sales of Cadbury's 100g block chocolate range.
  • 19% increase in Wella haircare sales to supermarkets.
  • 36% increase in total Horleys Health sales.
  • 136% increase in Red Seal's vitamin business.

These astonishing figures were achieved in a variety of ways, all of which can be summed up by the eye-watering term strategic marketing. This skill was honed over an impressive marketing career, which ranges from Marketing Manager for Cadbury's $80 million chocolate business to General Manager of a small $5 million business.

Brandon would, if given even the slightest encouragement, develop a strategy to sell lawn mowers to high-rise apartment dwellers and rib-eye steak to vegetarians!

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Amanda Quennell

Amanda's fields of excellence are conceptualisation, design, typography and web design and critique. She also ensures the smooth running of Evolve and creates calm out of havoc.

Amanda's extensive background includes graphic design production for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and Coats Design, freelance finished artist with a graphic design co-operative, and studio manager at Mason Associates Advertising.

And there was also a four-year stint running Quennell Design, working on great accounts like Air New Zealand, Cadbury, Mazda, Nestle, NZ Post, Reckitt & Colman and Telecom to add to her already comprehensive repertoire.

Amanda has one of the best creative eyes in the business. If something is not aesthetically correct, she will always spot it first, often picking up on things that others can't quite put their finger on.

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